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  • Wireless communication network is our core business on the basis of accumulation of technological know-how with years of fruitful experience and knowledge from Korea’s first generation(1G) analog cellular communications to currently LTE-A.
    These are classified as mobile communication, communication network for railways and subways, establishment of intelligent buildings Infrastructure and optimization.

    BTS Biz

    • BTS engineering specialize in the infrastructure construction of mobile communication base stations/repeaters, high-resolution Meteorological Data Acquisition System, and Satellite Digital Multimedia Broadcasting system.
      F2TELECOM brings a abundant experience and high-degree of skill to this field and performs Perfectly on whole SOW(Scope Of Work) from design step to construction.

      Furthermore guaranty perfectly planning for subsidiary work(Aerial cable, Tower, System test etc) to contribute the improvement of the mobile communication service.

    Basic Mobile Network Configuration - LTE NETWORK



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