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  • The kind of repeater is designated to cover the shadow area which are out of RF SIGNAL and very useful as mobile telecommunication solution until now.

    It is being applied many various fields as TETRA, MOBILE, SUBWAY, In-building, Security etc. there are many kind of repeaters such as Pico, small, medium, enterprise, for Mobile, TRS etc. also we are dealing with any kind of them.
    F2TELECOM is providing not only REPEATERS but also engineering how to install, design, optimize, maintenance to harmonize well between Repeater, network System and engineering to guaranty the reliable high quality performance.
    Repeater is just amplifying selected signals, come from BTS to enable users to enjoy calling seamless in shadow area without any trouble.

  • Especially DAS system must be our pride and good barometer to understand F2TELECOM’s way, which are the result of the composite art (best optimized solution) using advanced digitalized repeater system technology as well as the high quality engineering know-how with excellent engineers.

    This can show F2 is unrivaled in the of DAS system because we only have ability to do all procedure(consulting, site survey, design, tailored equipment development(Passive, active), simulation, installation, cabling, optimization between BTS and service area, call test, opening) as turnkey one stop service by only 100% F2TELECOM’s ability.
    Incheon International airport railroad is the gateway to Seoul, Korea and its DAS system solution was supplied by F2TELECOM under TFT team set up from several department(R&D, SYSTEM, in-building, Wire communication network).

    Repeater for mobile

    • More than thousands of our 2G/3G/LTE Repeaters has been installed and approved in Korea and also, exported to Spain, Japan, Australia etc since year 2006. Competitive power of price with advanced design and technology.

      • Indoor/Outdoor type
      • Band/Channel selective and Frequency Shift Channel selective
      • ICS type etc., RF/Optic (Higher RF Output Power)
      • Specialized DAS in-building Active solution
    • Optic DAS In-Building Solution

    Pico repeater for mobile

      • 3G/4G
      • SOHO
      • High quality RF Service available Eco-friendly design
      • Built-in antenna
      • a little small size comparing the existing Fancy function
      • First indoor 3G modem built-in in PICO
      • Remote control
      • Isolation check
      • Identification of Mobile operator
      • NMS(remote control-SMS)
      • Single or Dual Service available(2.1GHz & 900Mhz)
    • Optic DAS In-Building Solution

      Optic DAS In-Building configration

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